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sorry I'm being a post slut today, {haha this is to funnie}

What were you in a past life?

You had a LOT to learn, according to karma and the Fates... your last lifetime was spent as an animal. No, we won't tell you which one - that's another test - but you were given a chance to put behind human thoughts and needs, human desires, and human urges. Unfortunately, you liked it a little too well, didn't you? As an animal you lived well, fighting your way to the top of the local pecking order, not much hardship, not much trouble.

This lifetime, you're going to have to curb some of those animal instincts. They do carry over, and more than once you've been tempted to howl at the moon or mark your territory, haven't you? However, in addition to the challenges, your past life provides you with a bit of strength as well. Your task this time around is to learn to control those bestial urges, save them until they are needed. Self-defense, protecting loved ones, making yourself a place in the world... go ahead and growl then, stake your claim and hold it fast. Just don't start biting at the hand that feeds you!
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